Elton John

Songs of the Week: Mom’s Jams

From what I can remember from my earliest childhood memories was always my mom singing and dancing around the house. Since Mother’s Day is just a few days away I made a playlist of some of the songs my mom would play when I was growing up.

From driving around in the old Volvo listening to Trisha Yearwood’s  cassette tape. Yes, a cassette tape. Or dancing around in the living room to Carole King, the Jackson 5 and other Motown artists. To being a baby and being sung songs by Elton John and that one song “Good Morning Starshine” to go fall to sleep. My brother and I still  look back and tease my mom by asking her what the heck she was saying “Gliddy Glip Gloopy… what the heck was that mom?” For the longest time I thought my mom made that song up.

So here’s to you mom, thank you for all the great childhood memories and old school jams.