Workout Wednesday: Recipe for a Good Playlist

To be brutally honest, I haven’t posted a Workout Wednesday in a long time because my life has greatly lacked working out. A side from my weekly Piyo class, my workouts have been very routine and not very frequent.

I really hope this changes, not only for my own health and wellbeing, but for your interests as well. I haven’t given up, I promise.

This Workout Wednesday will not be a workout but a playlist. Yeah, yeah, call it a copout, call it what you want, but without a good playlist a good workout routine could be boring and unmotivating.

Sometimes I find my mind tired and stressed which actually causes me to not have the willpower to push through the workout I need after a long day. From my own experience, I found that a good playlist is key to stay focused.

For girls the best playlist is pretty much anything you can dance to, but honestly it all depends on the mood. Sometimes I’d rather punch someone than dance and twirl. So a good playlist needs variety. Here’s some of my favorites:

Mix some in the dance tunes.
A pinch of girl power, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce will do.
A splash of some mellow tunes for stretching and a change in pace.
One old jam that brings back memories and makes you laugh during your workout. “All I Do is Win”
A large dose of your inner rock star.
A small dash of rap that makes you believe you are thug for one song.
Sprinkle some hipster tunes that getting you singing and staying positive.
Lastly, one very ripe live jam session to get you over your peak.

Altogether you have the recipe of a good workout playlist.
Keep your head held high.

Album Review: Tristan Prettyman Cedar and Gold

You know those albums that can be played on repeat for days? This is one of those.

Tristan Prettyman’s Cedar and Gold album is an emotional masterpiece. Although the album came out back on October 2nd, 2012 I haven’t been able to turn it off.

Warning: This album may bring tears if you recently experienced a breakup, heartbreak, or if your just emotional. Stay away during that certain time of the month. Sorry guys.  Don’t say I didn’t warn.

Aside from Tristan’s beautiful voice, I view this music and lyrics as a work of art. It’s the perfect combination of heartache, independence, and the refuge to happiness. I put together a little playlist below for you to sample the goods of this album.

“My Oh My” is that song that I think everyone has been able to relate to sometime in their life. You know that one person that you knew wasn’t right for you but couldn’t help to shake? This is for them:

I know you ain’t no good for me
And all the lies and the lines you fed to me
The way you kept coming back for me 
Like the last breath left of the air I need

When you listen to this album the lyrics reminisce the raw emotion of what she has felt and experienced during the break up with Jason Mraz. While most people, mainly women, shun Jason for what he put her through, go feminism!, there is a bright side. Tristan wouldn’t have made such a heartfelt album without that situation. The lyrics of “I Was Gonna Marry You”, clearly illustrate the emotional experience she encountered. Someone couldn’t make up a song like this without experiencing it.

“Never Say Never” is by far my favorite song on Cedar and Gold. The lyrics sum up her whole healing process and a sense of moving forward. Whether it’s a breakup or other life experience, I am drawn to this song because it overall reflects strength. You can’t start a fire in the pouring ran to We should start a fire in a pouring rain.

Each song of Cedar and Gold comes from true life experiences that I believe anyone can relate to in some way. It’s completely different from all the drunk up in the club, bitches and hoes, I love my truck, and I love you but I didn’t write this song because I have no writing skills songs out there. But, what do I know? Check out the rest of the album and make your own opinion. 

Let me know what you think.

Keep your head held high.