Lessons Learned: Letting go of the past

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 
― Søren Kierkegaard

Over a year ago I wrote a Lessons Learned entry about maturity and within that post I mentioned the importance of letting go of your significant other’s past. Who they were or what they did can help you learn who they used to be. But that’s the point, that was who they were before you. Letting your partner’s past not affect you is a big step in a relationship but letting go of your own past is an even bigger step. Whether it is in romantic relationships, friendships, family, or how you view yourself there are three points that I have learned regarding your own past:

Learn from it: Every past situation can be a life lesson. You may not learn from an argument that happened yesterday or even a decision that happened years ago, but eventually, with time, there will be something that you gained from any situation. Whether it is learning to always trust in your family’s opinion, ways to be a better friend, or to never again attempt that one  fashion failure. How little or big the experience, something is learned from it. Even if that something is not make the same mistake twice.

Let it go: As cliché as it may sound, the past is simply the past. I am extremely guilty of playing out the “what if’s” of past situations. “What if I did this, said that, did more of this or less of that.” Dwelling on it will make moving on harder to grasp. You may not understand the past now but I found that one day  you will understand why things turned out the way they did.


Don’t regret it: I believe this point to be the most important.  No matter how hard it may have been or how much you may wish you never made a certain decision, in the end you cannot regret it. If I look at myself today, what I have accomplished,  who I am, and what I know, I know those characteristics that make me proud of myself would not be relevant if my past life had been any different. The most important thing is that we have today and our future to make ourselves even better than our past.

The best effort I can make everyday is to put yesterday behind me and keep looking forward. And on a lighter note when we keep looking  forward we see the weekend quickly approaching.

Keep your head held high and let the past be the past.

Cheers to this being the 100th post of Head Held High!

There is so much more…

This morning I heard an old song from one of my favorite artists and the result was beyond humbling.

With all the stresses of life, we think the biggest worries of our current life are so drastically important that no one else’s situation compares to our own. We are blinded by our own minimal burdens. But in the end that’s all they are. Minimal.

The stresses of when am I going to get promoted, why does  he or she no longer speak to me, why do I physically look like this, why not buy my happiness, I hate my job, I hate school, and the list goes on and on.

Whatever our worries are we simply forget that there is so much more to life.

My favorite line in this song is, in a world of suffering why should I be so blessed? Which brings all of my current stresses of wanting to move out and advance in my career while still maintaining a social life are realized as minimal.

I am blessed I have a home with a loving family while others may not have a roof over their head or no one by their side. I am blessed I have a job while many others are unemployed and struggling for their next meal. I am blessed I am surrounded by the friends in my life even if I don’t see them as much as I would like.

So I am starting this week off with the mindset that there is so much more. Spreading the positivity, the love, and keeping my head held high.

Happy 1st Birthday Blog


I cannot believe Head Held High has been online for exactly one year today. Although I know this blog needs a lot of improving, I am so thankful for everyone who has continued to follow it. So many things have happened in just one year for this little blog. Having gained more readers. Thank you, thank you.  Success of Workout Wednesdays. Improvements in photos. And the growth of a blogger. And I am still learning so much.

Over this past year I have changed tremendously and it is apparent through comparing my older posts to the recent ones. As my personal life has become more demanding with a drastic change of responsibility at work, dedication to my fitness, gotta try to practice what you preach, and focusing on family and friends and puppies, there has been a fluctuation of blog post throughout the year. I want to post more often, more of what my readers will take an interest in and more raw emotion. Yes, the blog is called head held high, but its difficult to consistently be positive, care free, and confident all the time. It’s just not possible. We are only human. I want to post more Lessons Learned and the everyday hardships of being twenty – something, because I have learned that many people may be facing the same thing I am. It’s this weird universal feeling of you are not alone.

Along with posting more consistently and more lessons learned, there are two more things I also want to try which I have been so scared to do. DIY posts and fashion/outfit posts. I am a little DIY challenged but I really want to break this streak of failure. I see the beautiful things other bloggers make and everything on Pinterest, and if they can do so can I. Right? Staying positive. Now for the fashion posts, I just need to focus more on me, specifically my wardrobe. I need more retail therapy in my life and these posts may be what I need to keep up with regular therapy sessions. Not going to lie, I am a little scared to do it but hopefully it is not a complete disaster.

Thanks again to everyone who has ever read my blog, accidentally or intentionally. I leave you with the first entry ever posted on Head Held High “The Beginning“.  Sigh oh how times have changed.

Just remember to keep your head held high.

Hello 2013!

glitter2013[1]Happy New Year Everyone!

Please excuse my mini blog vacation as I got back into the swing of things of going back to work and back to reality.

Although it’s been 2013 for eight days already I figured I’ll still post my resolutions for this year. Mainly to keep myself on track. If it’s written I’ll most likely stick with it.

1. Be more organized. Not only is this with the clutter in my room and buying a planner but I mean by also de-cluttering (my made up word) my life and being. While I go through my closet to toss out all the outworn and unwanted clothes, I want to also toss out all the unwanted worries and negativity. I want to be organized in the sense where I can control my stress, manage the needed time for myself, such as fitness, health and beauty needs, and focus on improving myself as a person…or to take it to another level, as an adult. I want to organize my life to focus on the things that matter and make me happy. A happy organized girl’s beauty shines from the inside-out!

2. Cook More Meals. So far I’ve been pretty good in this department but I want to make this more of a priority. A year from now I am hope to be moving out into my own house and I don’t want to survive only on Mac n cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I need variety and to feel domesticated. For those of you follow me know that I enjoy being active and healthy. But would you agree running three miles and then going to Taco Bell is rather counterproductive? Although Taco Bell is my weakness. Before the New Year, the boyfriend and I began to cook more often and we have already seen a difference in how we feel. I want to keep this up, cook more often, and experiment with different ingredients and tastes. Hopefully, this means more successfully recipe posts.

3. Keep Up 2012’s Resolutions. Last year, for the first time ever, I was successful in keeping my two New Year’s Resolutions for the whole year and I hope to carry these over throughout 2013. The two resolution successes were to workout more and to be more positive (This is where the name of this blog came from). I found that these were the best resolutions I’ve made this far in my life and they make me feel good physically and spiritually. They aren’t easy to do those days when I just want to complain and lay around and eat ice cream but they are two things worth working for. Just because 2012 is over does not mean I want to let these two factors go. So fitness and positivity, welcome to 2013.

2012 was an absolutely amazing year. I was blessed with so many adventures, opportunities, the start of this blog, and loved ones. Like every year it has its ups and downs, but I think 2012 will be a year I will always remember. I feel like I have grown so much as a person in this one year and I am proud of the person I am slowly becoming. I know I will still do a lot of growing in 2013 but I cannot wait to see what this New Year has in store.

Let us all have a great year.  Keep your heads held high.