I know I haven’t been around for a while. 2014 started with a very hectic bang! The first week consisted of long days getting ready for a tradeshow, my spare time was shopping for warm clothes, and the second week was working in New York.

The joys/stresses of my new job allow me to travel for trade shows which have their ups and downs as, it gives me a break from the office and lets me explore a little bit, but there is also the constant standing for long hours and the stresses of traveling. I got lucky this business trip as I was accompanied by my mom.



Not going to lie she spoiled me a bit. We went and saw the musical The Fantasticks at this tiny intimate venue, which if anyone gets a chance to see it do it! It’s a twist on  Romeo and Juliet and its pretty hilarious. Other than that we did a bunch of sight seeing and squeezed in Rockefeller center the last night which was my mom’s favorite.


It was nice being somewhere that actually has seasons. Now I am sweating in this California 80 degree weather.


My fingers are crossed that 2014 mellows out a little bit, because I need some time to plan a wedding.

Keep warm NYC, keep cool CA and keep your head held high.