I’m Back!

Yes, I am still alive, for those who are wondering, if any.

I apologize for vanishing, I have just been so busy with the new job and life that it took me forever to figure out some time to myself and to find the desire of wanting to be in front of a computer screen on my free time.

I think  am getting into to the swing of things at my new job. I’m sure many have been there, adapting to new responsibilities, new authority figures, coworkers, and completely new tasks. Although it is still a challenge and probably will continue to be,  it is so rewarding knowing that my degree is being put to use. Your welcome mom and dad. 

Since I have been gone for so long here is what I have been doing since my last post:

– Failed at buying myself a Coconoes lap top cover, but Christmas is coming!

-I have been focusing on wedding planning, which will probably lead to a lot more wedding posts and my indecisiveness, bare with me.

– Completely changed my wardrobe from college campus to business professional. I think my feet are finally getting used to being in heels for 9 hour days.

-This time change sucks.

– I am counting down the hours until thanksgiving, christmas, the company holiday cruise, and even the weekend.

-Last weekend I joined my best friend and her family on a Walk to End Epilepsy which was one of the most fulfilling things I have been a part of in a while. It was such an amazing experience with amazing people. Team Lily!

– I have made a promise to myself to set time aside to do the things I love. Even if just for 30 minutes a day. I find when I am in my own little bubble of happiness, it makes the other things in life a little more enjoyable and bare able. So I am crossing my fingers from this vowed promise that it will lead to more blog posts.

Check back tomorrow, I have some exciting wedding news to share!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I haven’t said this in a while but, Keep your head held high.

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